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TANTEC Digital AS has many partners in their work with developing and support of the Pega NMS. In addition we have meny partners in our work with designing and supplying quality FttH, HFC- networks, CAS-Systems and digital-TV.  Here are some of our partner logos with links.


“TVECO.NET have used the TANTEC Pega NMS for severeal years. We have most of the modules installed, and  have decided to standardise our building  of PON systems on the new DpoE standard from CableLabs., which makes it possible to use all our Pega installations also for  our FttH  networks. As we use RF overlay for the QAM - we can even turn off the RF per subscriber from the Pega System. We can state that the TANTEC Pega is offering all we need, as to adminstration and monitoring. As users for meny years - we have always had full stability in this software.”

Werner Eriksen, Managing Director


Providing a Complete Suite of HFC and Fiber Management Solutions - TANTEC Pega

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