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TANTEC Pega services offered.

TANTEC Digital AS has long experience in designe of NMS systems and HFC - FttH network design.
We can therfore offer our services when it comes to finding the right solution - for just your networks.

Below you will find description on some major modules and services.


TANTEC Pega has a robust provisioning engine that secures end-customer services in a flexible manner. Stability is a demand for all network operators. With many years of experience and reliability of software modules that is used all over the world, the operator can be sure of the integrity of the services delivered to the end-customers. With focus on the DOCSIS technology, Pega is also automatically compatible with EPON systems running DPoE which uses mechanisms adapted from DOCSIS to easily provision EPON ONTs. It also support the IskraTEL and Zhone GPON. Optional ACS module is also available.


Surveillance is important for network operators in order to discover problems quick in the network. The SNMP log engine in Pega offers great flexibility of generating self-composed graphs in addition to live data fetched directly from network components. From a node tree made by the operator, the user can easily see the context of many system components and subscriber CPE`s.


TANTEC Pega offers a user friendly WEB interface. From here it is easy to manipulate customer database information such as contact and subscription details. An intuitive way of administrating modems and other technical aspects such as assigning static IP address, configuring the DHCP server is provided to let the operator have the full control of the system through the WEB interface. Here you can also control different services such as VoIP and actually all type of products if the invoicing module is included.

Map module


 The Map module in Pega is made with the intention to present the nodes in a network visually on a map. The module can help to get an easier overview of your network and unravel your current network structure. The integrated node structure of Pega will automatically load the map on GPS coordinates placed. Otherwise it's a simple matter of plotting these via address lookup in the map. You can fine tune the position of the nodes visually and save the changes to the database when you are happy with the result.

The Map module will provide a fast solution and issues will be clarified faster since one has a good overview of the network and each node location.

The Map module is intended for those operators who hold many jackknife points they would like to get structured and smaller operators who misses a visual presentation of the network.

Alarm module

TANTEC Digital have developed also an alarm module for Pega - with the purpose of offering results and evaluations from SNMP traps and other soarses in the network. This will automatically alarm personell that is required to eliminate problems that has happened or even fixing problems that has not happened yet. It is even intergrated with the Map module for easy locating the area and/or node that need to be serviced.


Support and deliveries of the NMS on servers

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TANTEC Pega is built up on many different software modules. The operator is able to configure the installation based on the need of functionality. Pega has a license model that should fit for the smallest to the biggest operator.

We offer support on the software included in the license.

As a Business Partner for HP - we offer also

the NMS ready delivered on a suitable server for your network.

Alternativly we install it on your own server after evaluation of the needed capasity - based on your requested solution.

Providing a Complete Suite of HFC and Fiber Management Solutions - TANTEC Pega

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